Surviving a Move During the Holidays

Maureen Roberge

The idea of moving into a new house just before Christmas can be overwhelming. The added stress of packing and unpacking might have you wondering if it is possible. Here are some simple and thoughtful ideas that may help to alleviate that anxiety.

Moving During the Holidays? It Doesn’t Have to Be as Stressful as You May Think

With the right plan in place to help the move happen smoothly you will be able to focus on enjoying your new home and the holiday season, without going crazy or missing out on the fun festivities this time of year offers.
Take a look at some ideas that can make this transition a bit easier.

Plan for Parties, Dinners and Events

When packing, think about what you will need to host the family Christmas dinner if necessary, or have friends over for a housewarming holiday party. Pack things such as Christmas decorations, china, flatware, glassware, and kitchen items in carefully labeled boxes. Use colored packing tape such as blue for the kitchen and red and green for Christmas decor to easily pick them out at a glance! It is a simple idea but one that is so often overlooked. Organizing during the packing phase will save you hours upon hours of stress and anxiety once you get into your new place.
When unpacking, start with those boxes. You don’t want to be wondering if you will find the Christmas stockings or gravy ladle. And it will save you time when you are looking for the box with garlands to put up right away. You don’t want St. Nick searching through your boxes looking for the special plate of cookies on Christmas Eve.

Donate as You Pack

As you box up everything, evaluate if each item is something you want or need to keep. Now is a great time to downsize belongings and gift any excess to charities that help those in need. For example, as you pack your coat closet, ask yourself when was the last time you wore each jacket or if someone else could benefit more from owning it. The Charlotte Coat Drive is a great way to give to the community.

Getting the Kids Involved

If you have children, you can engage them in the transition by making games of the work at hand. Make it a holiday game to pack – and unpack – their items by hiding small stocking-stuffer-type gifts in each box that they pack up, so when they unpack… it will feel like an advent calendar of surprises. Present them with seasonal treats for parts of the room they set up, such as putting all their clothes in the closet and dresser. Keep the goals and rewards small and frequent so they can feel progress and find the experience fun and rewarding while still keeping to the holiday spirit.
Share with your kids the value of giving by showing them the things you have decided to donate, and inviting them to give away things they don’t use or need at the new house. They will likely see many toys they no longer play with, and envisioning other kids appreciating them may help them not only lessen their load to pack but also bring joy to others.

Switching Schools

The transition from one school to another is no small feat for children or you, especially mid-year. Before winter break begins remember to request a transfer of their school records and health documents to the new school, such as transcripts, test scores, and immunization records.
Ideally aim to finish packing right before their holiday break begins, so that the family can unpack together more and spend time together in the new home. Try involving the kids with bigger house decisions, beyond their bedroom, such as helping arrange furniture in the living room. Ask them what their favorite areas of the house are, and share your excitement with them. Making young children and teens feel like they are part of the process can go a long way in helping them settle into a new environment.

Two for One Cards

Mailing holiday greetings to family and friends is the perfect opportunity to also say “we’ve moved” and provide your new address. With stamps at over half a buck each, bundle your new home news with your Christmas cheer to save money and time.

The Gift of Help

If you haven’t already, consider giving yourself the gift of moving service! If you plan accordingly you can often save a few dollars by scheduling a mid-week move. Often mid-week services are less expensive than weekend moving jobs. Need a recommendation for a Lake Norman or Charlotte area moving company? Ask LKN Homes. We are here to help make this transition as smooth as it can be.

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